By Monica Hollifield, MSDN, RDN

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that entire industries can be shut down overnight. That’s exactly what happened to thousands of restaurants across the U.S. when states went on lockdown last spring. Now, more than a year into the pandemic, restaurants continue to struggle to remain open with most places still not operating at full capacity and many diners still fearful of dining out. While restaurants remained closed for months, grocery chains seized the opportunity to fill the gap left open by the closures. As consumers sought convenient and wholesome solutions to streamline at-home meal preparation, supermarkets began to focus more efforts on expanding their offerings of ready-made fresh entrees, sides, and snacks that could be reheated or quickly cooked at home for restaurant-style quality meals without the restaurant.

Restaurants weren’t the only businesses that had to adapt to COVID-19 safety protocols. Most supermarkets temporarily, some permanently, removed their hot food and salad bars, making the pivot to expanding grab-and-go meals and sides more crucial than ever to meeting consumer needs. With many people still hesitant to dine out and at-home cooking fatigue fully setting in, it doesn’t look like this pandemic-induced supermarket trend is going away anytime soon. Pre-packaged deli entrees and grab-and-go side dishes have seen exponential growth with an over 18% growth rate in 2020, a trend continuing into early 2021.1

DeliverLean’s GRBNGO line is here to fill this trending supermarket need. The division has seen record growth over the past year with expansions planned both for grab-and-go items and ready-to-eat meals. Supermarkets are focusing on consumer’s desire for flexibility by offering a variety of take and bake entrees, ready-made sides, or grab-and-go meal and snack options, and GRBNGO fits all of these needs and more.2 We consistently offer convenient, high-quality options to our consumers. From simple classics like a ham and cheese sandwich or Caesar salad to more chef-driven offerings like red wine braised short ribs or chicken tikka masala, all carefully curated by our team of chefs and dietitians to be both delicious and nutritious. Whether you’re looking for a quick lunch or breakfast option or need an easy and delicious solution to dinner, DeliverLean’s got you covered.


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