By Monica Hollifield, MSDN, RDN

Statista reported the global food service industry to have crossed the $3.5 trillion mark in 2020. And by 2027, the figure has been forecasted to grow up to $4.2 trillion. There is no doubt that the food service industry is gigantic and will continue to expand.

The change in customer behavior, interests, and preferences will heavily impact the sector in the near future, making it extremely important for us to look at some of the emerging trends. Here are some of the most prominent trends for 2021.

  • Focus on fresh and healthy food menu items.
  • Transition from in-house cafeterias to reliable food manufacturers.
  • Targeted focus on food safety.

Focus on Fresh & Healthy Food Items.
Fresh and healthy food items is nothing new in 2021. However, before the Covid-19 pandemic hit us, most of us took our bodies and health for granted and unfortunately, health was not most people’s #1 priority. However, this pandemic has made people realize how important it is to look after ourselves and our bodies.

Since the pandemic hit our world, people have begun adopting a healthier lifestyle and this behavior is not expected to change post-Covid-19. Therefore, it has become way more important for businesses to offer healthy and fresh food items to their customers.

Transition from in-house cafeterias to reliable food manufacturers.
From a poor choice of menu to unhealthy food items to non-trained professionals, in-house cafeterias have numerous disadvantages. In-house cafeterias are expensive and end up consuming too many of the company’s resources.

A new trend is emerging where some businesses are transitioning from in-house cafeterias to food manufacturers services. This allows them to offer healthy and fresh packaged items to their customers on the go while enjoying all the benefits of delegating the responsibility of food planning and preparation to experts in the industry.

Targeted Focus on food safety.
While food service has always been a highly regulated industry, the pandemic has motivated food manufacturers, restaurants, and others in the industry to step up their measures and ensure a safe environment. Cleaning surfaces is never enough! A solid food safety plans is essential, and it is important to always choose a food manufacturer that lives up to their mission of safety food and is recognized in the industry for doing so.

As mentioned before, the food service industry will continue to expand, and it is important to re-think your strategy and evaluate all the benefits of partnering with a trusted food manufacturing company that is not only going to make it easier for you to elevate your food service experience but also for your customers to enjoy a safe and healthy meal while on the go.