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In 2017, South Florida based superstar meal delivery company DeliverLean launched their new brand GRBNGO, with the introduction of a line of healthy, high-quality meals. With a focus on transparency of ingredients and consumer convenience, GRBNGOis a unique turnkey food service solution for hotels, airports, hospitals, schools and grocery stores.

Ranked 124th fastest growing company in the nation and 8th in the national food and beverage category by Inc. 500, DeliverLean continues to break food manufacturing records and currently produces over 5,000,000 meals annually.

DeliverLean operates two commercial production facilities, including a 60,000 square-foot USDA/FDA certified kitchen in Hollywood, FL. DeliverLean has quickly evolved into the leading and most innovative turnkey ‘grab and go’ food service providers and remains wholly committed to making healthy living accessible for everyone.

Product innovation, R&D, merchandising consultations, menu development, packaging solutions, USDA nutritional panels, custom label programs, graphic design support, printing.

We’ve partnered with hotels, big and small, as well as grocery store chains, airports, hospitals, healthcare facilities, schools and a variety of other food service operations. From remaining compliant with industry regulations and making on-time food service deliveries, to helping you plan your menu, we give you our best so you can serve your best to the customers who expect nothing less.

USDA Certified, FDA Certified, Silliker Certified, 60,000 SF food manufacturing facility house.

Team. Chief Culinary Officer, FSQ Manager, Compliance and Regulatory Affairs, Production, Manager, Vegan Chef, Registered Dietitian.

Food Service Distribution Areas:  We are strategically located to serve all your food service distribution needs.

Ready to get started?  If you’re not sure we serve your area, please contact us for more information.  Follow us as we expand – we’re excited to serve you!

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